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We are a family-owned business that has strived for 25+ years to create an office culture with integrity. It has always been about culture, loyalty, and fair partnerships! We are here for the customer. At Scotts RTO, we aim to keep everything simple as possible. After every interaction we want you to say, “That was easy!”

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Our company strives to live by our motto. We don’t want to make doing business harder, so we accommodate you. We create relationships that enable businesses to return their focus to the customer. We are here for the customer.

Reasons to Partner

Scotts RTO Advantages

Weekly Funding Guarantee

On contracts and invoices along with offering 5% Rental Referral Fees.

Zero Down Promotions

Fewer repossessions – ask us how! We work with all customers during hard times; our goal is ownership!

Flexible Options

We offer multiple options on how contracts can be submitted. Fast, simple, contracts on any device.

Top Support

We provide the best dealer support staff! Dealer rewards programs allow you to earn higher sales commissions.

Scale Fast and Easy

Sales force dedicated to helping you grow your business and upscale your sales.

Easy Terms

No credit check, everyone is approved so you can focus on your business, we focus on the terms.

How Does RTO Work

RTO 101

RTO simplifies the process for shed builders to reach their customers, offering an easy, convenient, and cost-effective solution to meet their storage requirements.

A customer wants to buy a shed but can’t afford it upfront and avoids credit checks. Your company needs immediate payment to keep building sheds.
Scotts RTO buys the shed from your company, giving you the capital to build more sheds without worrying about payment plans.
The customer makes monthly payments to Scotts RTO for the shed, with an option for early ownership, bypassing credit issues.
Scotts RTO ensures each customer is valued, maintaining satisfaction and trust in purchasing sheds from your company.

Building Trust in Rent-To-Own

“That was Easy!”

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PO Box 100, Melber, KY 42069

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We typically require your first month’s rent in advance prior to delivery or installation of your purchase.

Customers pay an initial payment to the dealer on the day the contract is signed which will include the first monthly payment, tax, and security deposit (if applicable). The next monthly payment is due 30 days after delivery and is paid directly to Scotts RTO.

Yes, you can pay off your contract at any time with no penalties.

Yes, you can pay off your contract at any time with no penalties.

A Lease Contract is a month-to-month Agreement. You can terminate your contract at any time. Just call us and we will schedule a convenient time to retrieve the unit.